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Parser:: (12 methods):

Class: Parser  - X-Ref

parse($text, array $matches)   X-Ref

addTag($tagPos, $tagLen, $chr, $prio = 0)   X-Ref
Add a fancy replacement tag

param: integer $tagPos Position of the tag in the text
param: integer $tagLen Length of text consumed by the tag
param: string  $chr    Replacement character
param: integer $prio   Tag's priority
return: \s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag

parseDashesAndEllipses()   X-Ref
Parse dashes and ellipses

Does en dash –, em dash — and ellipsis …

return: void

parseDoubleQuotePairs()   X-Ref
Parse pairs of double quotes

Does quote pairs “” -- must be done separately to handle nesting

return: void

parseFractions()   X-Ref
Parse vulgar fractions

return: void

parseGuillemets()   X-Ref
Parse guillemets-style quotation marks

return: void

parseNotEqualSign()   X-Ref
Parse the not equal sign

Supports != and =/=

return: void

parseQuotePairs($regexp, $leftQuote, $rightQuote)   X-Ref
Parse pairs of quotes

param: string $regexp     Regexp used to identify quote pairs
param: string $leftQuote  Fancy replacement for left quote
param: string $rightQuote Fancy replacement for right quote
return: void

parseSingleQuotePairs()   X-Ref
Parse pairs of single quotes

Does quote pairs ‘’ must be done separately to handle nesting

return: void

parseSingleQuotes()   X-Ref
Parse single quotes in general

Does apostrophes ’ after a letter or at the beginning of a word or a couple of digits

return: void

parseSymbolsAfterDigits()   X-Ref
Parse symbols found after digits

Does symbols found after a digit:
- apostrophe ’ if it's followed by an "s" as in 80's
- prime ′ and double prime ″
- multiply sign × if it's followed by an optional space and another digit

return: void

parseSymbolsInParentheses()   X-Ref
Parse symbols found in parentheses such as (c)

Does symbols ©, ® and ™

return: void

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