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Functions that are not part of a class:

filterTag(tag, hosts, sites)   X-Ref

param: {!Tag}    tag      The original tag
param: {!Object} hosts    Map of [host => siteId]
param: {!Object} sites    Map of [siteId => siteConfig]
param: {string}  cacheDir

addNamedCaptures(attributes, string, regexps)   X-Ref
Add named captures from a set of regular expressions to a set of attributes

param: {!Object} attributes Associative array of strings
param: {string}  string     Text to match
param: {!Array}  regexps    List of [regexp, map] pairs
return: {boolean}            Whether any regexp matched

createTag(tagName, tag)   X-Ref
Create a tag for a media embed

param: {string} tagName  Tag's name
param: {!Tag}   tag      Reference tag
return: {!Tag}            New tag

empty(attributes)   X-Ref

param: {!Object} attributes
return: {boolean}

getAttributes(url, config)   X-Ref
Return a set of attributes for given URL based on a site's config

param: {string}  url    Original URL
param: {!Object} config Site config
return: {!Object}        Attributes

getSiteIdFromUrl(url, hosts)   X-Ref
Return the siteId that corresponds to given URL

param: {string}  url   Original URL
param: {!Object} hosts Map of [hostname => siteId]
return: {string}        URL's siteId, or an empty string

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