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Configurator:: (14 methods):

Class: Configurator  - X-Ref

asConfig()   X-Ref

getJSHints()   X-Ref

match($regexp, $tagName)   X-Ref
Configure a pattern-based match

param: string $regexp   Regexp to be used by the parser
param: string $tagName  Name of the tag that holds the matched text
return: void

replace($regexp, $template, $tagName = null)   X-Ref
Configure a pattern-based replacement

param: string $regexp   Regexp to be used by the parser
param: string $template Template to be used for rendering
param: string $tagName  Name of the tag to create. A name based on the regexp is
return: Tag              The tag created to represent this replacement

addAttribute(Tag $tag, $attrName)   X-Ref
Add given attribute to given tag based on parsed captures

param: Tag    $tag
param: string $attrName
return: void

convertTemplate($template, $passthroughIdx)   X-Ref
Convert a preg-style replacement to a template

param: string  $template       Original template
param: integer $passthroughIdx Index of the passthrough capture
return: string                  Modified template

createTag($tagName, $template)   X-Ref
No description

fixUnnamedCaptures($regexp)   X-Ref
Give a name to unnamed captures that are referenced in current replacement

param: string $regexp Original regexp
return: string         Modified regexp

getPassthroughCapture()   X-Ref
Get the index of the capture used for passthrough in current replacement

return: integer

getRegexpInfo($regexp)   X-Ref
Parse a regexp and return its info

param: string $regexp
return: array

isCatchAll($expr)   X-Ref
Test whether given expression is a catch-all expression such as .*?

param: string $expr Subpattern
return: bool

parseRegexp($regexp)   X-Ref
Parse given regexp and store its information

param: string  $regexp
return: void

parseTemplate($template)   X-Ref
Parse given template and store the references it contains

param: string $template
return: void

removeUnknownReferences()   X-Ref
Remove references that do not correspond to an existing capture

return: void

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