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HelperSet:: (7 methods):

Class: HelperSet  - X-Ref

HelperSet represents a set of helpers to be used with a command.

__construct(array $helpers = [])   X-Ref

param: Helper[] $helpers An array of helper

set(HelperInterface $helper, $alias = null)   X-Ref
Sets a helper.

param: HelperInterface $helper The helper instance
param: string          $alias  An alias

has($name)   X-Ref
Returns true if the helper if defined.

param: string $name The helper name
return: bool true if the helper is defined, false otherwise

get($name)   X-Ref
Gets a helper value.

param: string $name The helper name
return: HelperInterface The helper instance

setCommand(Command $command = null)   X-Ref
No description

getCommand()   X-Ref
Gets the command associated with this helper set.

return: Command A Command instance

getIterator()   X-Ref

return: Helper[]

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