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QuestionHelper:: (14 methods):

Class: QuestionHelper  - X-Ref

The QuestionHelper class provides helpers to interact with the user.

ask(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output, Question $question)   X-Ref
Asks a question to the user.

return: mixed The user answer

setInputStream($stream)   X-Ref
Sets the input stream to read from when interacting with the user.

This is mainly useful for testing purpose.

param: resource $stream The input stream

getInputStream()   X-Ref
Returns the helper's input stream.

return: resource

getName()   X-Ref

disableStty()   X-Ref
Prevents usage of stty.

doAsk(OutputInterface $output, Question $question)   X-Ref
Asks the question to the user.

return: bool|mixed|string|null

writePrompt(OutputInterface $output, Question $question)   X-Ref
Outputs the question prompt.

formatChoiceQuestionChoices(ChoiceQuestion $question, $tag)   X-Ref

param: string $tag
return: string[]

writeError(OutputInterface $output, \Exception $error)   X-Ref
Outputs an error message.

autocomplete(OutputInterface $output, Question $question, $inputStream, array $autocomplete)   X-Ref
Autocompletes a question.

param: resource $inputStream
return: string

mostRecentlyEnteredValue($entered)   X-Ref
No description

getHiddenResponse(OutputInterface $output, $inputStream)   X-Ref
Gets a hidden response from user.

param: OutputInterface $output      An Output instance
param: resource        $inputStream The handler resource
return: string The answer

validateAttempts(callable $interviewer, OutputInterface $output, Question $question)   X-Ref
Validates an attempt.

param: callable        $interviewer A callable that will ask for a question and return the result
param: OutputInterface $output      An Output instance
param: Question        $question    A Question instance
return: mixed The validated response

getShell()   X-Ref
Returns a valid unix shell.

return: string|bool The valid shell name, false in case no valid shell is found

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