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ArrayInput:: (9 methods):

Class: ArrayInput  - X-Ref

ArrayInput represents an input provided as an array.


$input = new ArrayInput(['command' => 'foo:bar', 'foo' => 'bar', '--bar' => 'foobar']);

__construct(array $parameters, InputDefinition $definition = null)   X-Ref
No description

getFirstArgument()   X-Ref

hasParameterOption($values, $onlyParams = false)   X-Ref

getParameterOption($values, $default = false, $onlyParams = false)   X-Ref

__toString()   X-Ref
Returns a stringified representation of the args passed to the command.

return: string

parse()   X-Ref

addShortOption($shortcut, $value)   X-Ref
Adds a short option value.

param: string $shortcut The short option key
param: mixed  $value    The value for the option

addLongOption($name, $value)   X-Ref
Adds a long option value.

param: string $name  The long option key
param: mixed  $value The value for the option

addArgument($name, $value)   X-Ref
Adds an argument value.

param: string $name  The argument name
param: mixed  $value The value for the argument

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