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StreamOutput:: (4 methods):

Class: StreamOutput  - X-Ref

StreamOutput writes the output to a given stream.


$output = new StreamOutput(fopen('php://stdout', 'w'));

As `StreamOutput` can use any stream, you can also use a file:

$output = new StreamOutput(fopen('/path/to/output.log', 'a', false));

__construct($stream, $verbosity = self::VERBOSITY_NORMAL, $decorated = null, OutputFormatterInterface $formatter = null)   X-Ref

param: resource                      $stream    A stream resource
param: int                           $verbosity The verbosity level (one of the VERBOSITY constants in OutputInterface)
param: bool|null                     $decorated Whether to decorate messages (null for auto-guessing)
param: OutputFormatterInterface|null $formatter Output formatter instance (null to use default OutputFormatter)

getStream()   X-Ref
Gets the stream attached to this StreamOutput instance.

return: resource A stream resource

doWrite($message, $newline)   X-Ref

hasColorSupport()   X-Ref
Returns true if the stream supports colorization.

Colorization is disabled if not supported by the stream:

This is tricky on Windows, because Cygwin, Msys2 etc emulate pseudo
terminals via named pipes, so we can only check the environment.

Reference: Composer\XdebugHandler\Process::supportsColor

return: bool true if the stream supports colorization, false otherwise

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