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PassConfig:: (16 methods):

Class: PassConfig  - X-Ref

Compiler Pass Configuration.

This class has a default configuration embedded.

__construct()   X-Ref
No description

getPasses()   X-Ref
Returns all passes in order to be processed.

return: CompilerPassInterface[]

addPass(CompilerPassInterface $pass, $type = self::TYPE_BEFORE_OPTIMIZATION)   X-Ref
Adds a pass.

param: CompilerPassInterface $pass A Compiler pass
param: string                $type The pass type

getAfterRemovingPasses()   X-Ref
Gets all passes for the AfterRemoving pass.

return: CompilerPassInterface[]

getBeforeOptimizationPasses()   X-Ref
Gets all passes for the BeforeOptimization pass.

return: CompilerPassInterface[]

getBeforeRemovingPasses()   X-Ref
Gets all passes for the BeforeRemoving pass.

return: CompilerPassInterface[]

getOptimizationPasses()   X-Ref
Gets all passes for the Optimization pass.

return: CompilerPassInterface[]

getRemovingPasses()   X-Ref
Gets all passes for the Removing pass.

return: CompilerPassInterface[]

getMergePass()   X-Ref
Gets the Merge pass.

return: CompilerPassInterface

setMergePass(CompilerPassInterface $pass)   X-Ref
No description

setAfterRemovingPasses(array $passes)   X-Ref
Sets the AfterRemoving passes.

param: CompilerPassInterface[] $passes

setBeforeOptimizationPasses(array $passes)   X-Ref
Sets the BeforeOptimization passes.

param: CompilerPassInterface[] $passes

setBeforeRemovingPasses(array $passes)   X-Ref
Sets the BeforeRemoving passes.

param: CompilerPassInterface[] $passes

setOptimizationPasses(array $passes)   X-Ref
Sets the Optimization passes.

param: CompilerPassInterface[] $passes

setRemovingPasses(array $passes)   X-Ref
Sets the Removing passes.

param: CompilerPassInterface[] $passes

sortPasses(array $passes)   X-Ref
Sort passes by priority.

param: array $passes CompilerPassInterface instances with their priority as key
return: CompilerPassInterface[]

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