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GenericEvent:: (12 methods):

Class: GenericEvent  - X-Ref

Event encapsulation class.

Encapsulates events thus decoupling the observer from the subject they encapsulate.

__construct($subject = null, array $arguments = [])   X-Ref
Encapsulate an event with $subject and $args.

param: mixed $subject   The subject of the event, usually an object or a callable
param: array $arguments Arguments to store in the event

getSubject()   X-Ref
Getter for subject property.

return: mixed The observer subject

getArgument($key)   X-Ref
Get argument by key.

param: string $key Key
return: mixed Contents of array key

setArgument($key, $value)   X-Ref
Add argument to event.

param: string $key   Argument name
param: mixed  $value Value
return: $this

getArguments()   X-Ref
Getter for all arguments.

return: array

setArguments(array $args = [])   X-Ref
Set args property.

param: array $args Arguments
return: $this

hasArgument($key)   X-Ref
Has argument.

param: string $key Key of arguments array
return: bool

offsetGet($key)   X-Ref
ArrayAccess for argument getter.

param: string $key Array key
return: mixed

offsetSet($key, $value)   X-Ref
ArrayAccess for argument setter.

param: string $key   Array key to set
param: mixed  $value Value

offsetUnset($key)   X-Ref
ArrayAccess for unset argument.

param: string $key Array key

offsetExists($key)   X-Ref
ArrayAccess has argument.

param: string $key Array key
return: bool

getIterator()   X-Ref
IteratorAggregate for iterating over the object like an array.

return: \ArrayIterator

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