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Class: Glob  - X-Ref

Glob matches globbing patterns against text.

if match_glob("foo.*", "foo.bar") echo "matched\n";

// prints foo.bar and foo.baz
$regex = glob_to_regex("foo.*");
for (['foo.bar', 'foo.baz', 'foo', 'bar'] as $t)
if (/$regex/) echo "matched: $car\n";

Glob implements glob(3) style matching that can be used to match
against text, rather than fetching names from a filesystem.

Based on the Perl Text::Glob module.

toRegex($glob, $strictLeadingDot = true, $strictWildcardSlash = true, $delimiter = ')   X-Ref
Returns a regexp which is the equivalent of the glob pattern.

param: string $glob                The glob pattern
param: bool   $strictLeadingDot
param: bool   $strictWildcardSlash
param: string $delimiter           Optional delimiter
return: string regex The regexp

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