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AcceptHeader:: (10 methods):

Class: AcceptHeader  - X-Ref

Represents an Accept-* header.

An accept header is compound with a list of items,
sorted by descending quality.

__construct(array $items)   X-Ref

param: AcceptHeaderItem[] $items

fromString($headerValue)   X-Ref
Builds an AcceptHeader instance from a string.

param: string $headerValue
return: self

__toString()   X-Ref
Returns header value's string representation.

return: string

has($value)   X-Ref
Tests if header has given value.

param: string $value
return: bool

get($value)   X-Ref
Returns given value's item, if exists.

param: string $value
return: AcceptHeaderItem|null

add(AcceptHeaderItem $item)   X-Ref
Adds an item.

return: $this

all()   X-Ref
Returns all items.

return: AcceptHeaderItem[]

filter($pattern)   X-Ref
Filters items on their value using given regex.

param: string $pattern
return: self

first()   X-Ref
Returns first item.

return: AcceptHeaderItem|null

sort()   X-Ref
Sorts items by descending quality.

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