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ExtensionGuesser:: (4 methods):

Class: ExtensionGuesser  - X-Ref

A singleton mime type to file extension guesser.

A default guesser is provided.
You can register custom guessers by calling the register()
method on the singleton instance:

$guesser = ExtensionGuesser::getInstance();
$guesser->register(new MyCustomExtensionGuesser());

The last registered guesser is preferred over previously registered ones.
getInstance()   X-Ref
Returns the singleton instance.

return: self

__construct()   X-Ref
Registers all natively provided extension guessers.

register(ExtensionGuesserInterface $guesser)   X-Ref
Registers a new extension guesser.

When guessing, this guesser is preferred over previously registered ones.

guess($mimeType)   X-Ref
Tries to guess the extension.

The mime type is passed to each registered mime type guesser in reverse order
of their registration (last registered is queried first). Once a guesser
returns a value that is not NULL, this method terminates and returns the

param: string $mimeType The mime type
return: string The guessed extension or NULL, if none could be guessed

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