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SessionInterface:: (19 methods):

Interface: SessionInterface  - X-Ref

Interface for the session.

start()   X-Ref
Starts the session storage.

return: bool True if session started

getId()   X-Ref
Returns the session ID.

return: string The session ID

setId($id)   X-Ref
Sets the session ID.

param: string $id

getName()   X-Ref
Returns the session name.

return: mixed The session name

setName($name)   X-Ref
Sets the session name.

param: string $name

invalidate($lifetime = null)   X-Ref
Invalidates the current session.

Clears all session attributes and flashes and regenerates the
session and deletes the old session from persistence.

param: int $lifetime Sets the cookie lifetime for the session cookie. A null value
return: bool True if session invalidated, false if error

migrate($destroy = false, $lifetime = null)   X-Ref
Migrates the current session to a new session id while maintaining all
session attributes.

param: bool $destroy  Whether to delete the old session or leave it to garbage collection
param: int  $lifetime Sets the cookie lifetime for the session cookie. A null value
return: bool True if session migrated, false if error

save()   X-Ref
Force the session to be saved and closed.

This method is generally not required for real sessions as
the session will be automatically saved at the end of
code execution.

has($name)   X-Ref
Checks if an attribute is defined.

param: string $name The attribute name
return: bool true if the attribute is defined, false otherwise

get($name, $default = null)   X-Ref
Returns an attribute.

param: string $name    The attribute name
param: mixed  $default The default value if not found
return: mixed

set($name, $value)   X-Ref
Sets an attribute.

param: string $name
param: mixed  $value

all()   X-Ref
Returns attributes.

return: array Attributes

replace(array $attributes)   X-Ref
Sets attributes.

param: array $attributes Attributes

remove($name)   X-Ref
Removes an attribute.

param: string $name
return: mixed The removed value or null when it does not exist

clear()   X-Ref
Clears all attributes.

isStarted()   X-Ref
Checks if the session was started.

return: bool

registerBag(SessionBagInterface $bag)   X-Ref
Registers a SessionBagInterface with the session.

getBag($name)   X-Ref
Gets a bag instance by name.

param: string $name
return: SessionBagInterface

getMetadataBag()   X-Ref
Gets session meta.

return: MetadataBag

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