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MemcacheSessionHandler:: (8 methods):

Class: MemcacheSessionHandler  - X-Ref

__construct(\Memcache $memcache, array $options = [])   X-Ref

List of available options:
* prefix: The prefix to use for the memcache keys in order to avoid collision
* expiretime: The time to live in seconds

param: \Memcache $memcache A \Memcache instance
param: array     $options  An associative array of Memcache options

open($savePath, $sessionName)   X-Ref

close()   X-Ref

read($sessionId)   X-Ref

write($sessionId, $data)   X-Ref

destroy($sessionId)   X-Ref

gc($maxlifetime)   X-Ref

getMemcache()   X-Ref
Return a Memcache instance.

return: \Memcache

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