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Author: Drak <drak@zikula.org>
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Defines 8 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

getSaveHandlerName()   X-Ref
Gets the session.save_handler name.

return: string|null

isSessionHandlerInterface()   X-Ref
Is this proxy handler and instance of \SessionHandlerInterface.

return: bool

isWrapper()   X-Ref
Returns true if this handler wraps an internal PHP session save handler using \SessionHandler.

return: bool

isActive()   X-Ref
Has a session started?

return: bool

getId()   X-Ref
Gets the session ID.

return: string

setId($id)   X-Ref
Sets the session ID.

param: string $id

getName()   X-Ref
Gets the session name.

return: string

setName($name)   X-Ref
Sets the session name.

param: string $name

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