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SessionStorageInterface:: (12 methods):

Interface: SessionStorageInterface  - X-Ref


start()   X-Ref
Starts the session.

return: bool True if started

isStarted()   X-Ref
Checks if the session is started.

return: bool True if started, false otherwise

getId()   X-Ref
Returns the session ID.

return: string The session ID or empty

setId($id)   X-Ref
Sets the session ID.

param: string $id

getName()   X-Ref
Returns the session name.

return: mixed The session name

setName($name)   X-Ref
Sets the session name.

param: string $name

regenerate($destroy = false, $lifetime = null)   X-Ref
Regenerates id that represents this storage.

This method must invoke session_regenerate_id($destroy) unless
this interface is used for a storage object designed for unit
or functional testing where a real PHP session would interfere
with testing.

Note regenerate+destroy should not clear the session data in memory
only delete the session data from persistent storage.

Care: When regenerating the session ID no locking is involved in PHP's
session design. See https://bugs.php.net/61470 for a discussion.
So you must make sure the regenerated session is saved BEFORE sending the
headers with the new ID. Symfony's HttpKernel offers a listener for this.
See Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\EventListener\SaveSessionListener.
Otherwise session data could get lost again for concurrent requests with the
new ID. One result could be that you get logged out after just logging in.

param: bool $destroy  Destroy session when regenerating?
param: int  $lifetime Sets the cookie lifetime for the session cookie. A null value
return: bool True if session regenerated, false if error

save()   X-Ref
Force the session to be saved and closed.

This method must invoke session_write_close() unless this interface is
used for a storage object design for unit or functional testing where
a real PHP session would interfere with testing, in which case
it should actually persist the session data if required.

clear()   X-Ref
Clear all session data in memory.

getBag($name)   X-Ref
Gets a SessionBagInterface by name.

param: string $name
return: SessionBagInterface

registerBag(SessionBagInterface $bag)   X-Ref
Registers a SessionBagInterface for use.

getMetadataBag()   X-Ref

return: MetadataBag

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