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ArgumentMetadata:: (7 methods):

Class: ArgumentMetadata  - X-Ref

Responsible for storing metadata of an argument.

__construct($name, $type, $isVariadic, $hasDefaultValue, $defaultValue, $isNullable = false)   X-Ref

param: string $name
param: string $type
param: bool   $isVariadic
param: bool   $hasDefaultValue
param: mixed  $defaultValue
param: bool   $isNullable

getName()   X-Ref
Returns the name as given in PHP, $foo would yield "foo".

return: string

getType()   X-Ref
Returns the type of the argument.

The type is the PHP class in 5.5+ and additionally the basic type in PHP 7.0+.

return: string|null

isVariadic()   X-Ref
Returns whether the argument is defined as "...$variadic".

return: bool

hasDefaultValue()   X-Ref
Returns whether the argument has a default value.

Implies whether an argument is optional.

return: bool

isNullable()   X-Ref
Returns whether the argument accepts null values.

return: bool

getDefaultValue()   X-Ref
Returns the default value of the argument.

return: mixed

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