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/vendor/symfony/http-kernel/DataCollector/ -> DataCollector.php (summary)

DataCollector. Children of this class must store the collected data in the data property.

Author: Fabien Potencier <fabien@symfony.com>
Author: Bernhard Schussek <bschussek@symfony.com>
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Defines 5 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

serialize()   X-Ref

unserialize($data)   X-Ref
No description

cloneVar($var)   X-Ref
Converts the variable into a serializable Data instance.

This array can be displayed in the template using
the VarDumper component.

param: mixed $var
return: Data

varToString($var)   X-Ref
Converts a PHP variable to a string.

param: mixed $var A PHP variable
return: string The string representation of the variable

getCasters()   X-Ref

return: callable[] The casters to add to the cloner

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