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DebugHandlersListener:: (3 methods):

Class: DebugHandlersListener  - X-Ref

Configures errors and exceptions handlers.

__construct(callable $exceptionHandler = null, LoggerInterface $logger = null, $levels = \E_ALL, $throwAt = \E_ALL, $scream = true, $fileLinkFormat = null, $scope = true)   X-Ref

param: callable|null                 $exceptionHandler A handler that will be called on Exception
param: LoggerInterface|null          $logger           A PSR-3 logger
param: array|int                     $levels           An array map of E_* to LogLevel::* or an integer bit field of E_* constants
param: int|null                      $throwAt          Thrown errors in a bit field of E_* constants, or null to keep the current value
param: bool                          $scream           Enables/disables screaming mode, where even silenced errors are logged
param: string|FileLinkFormatter|null $fileLinkFormat   The format for links to source files
param: bool                          $scope            Enables/disables scoping mode

configure(Event $event = null)   X-Ref
Configures the error handler.

getSubscribedEvents()   X-Ref
No description

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