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The Kernel is the heart of the Symfony system. It manages an environment made of bundles.

Author: Fabien Potencier <fabien@symfony.com>
File Size: 978 lines (33 kb)
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Defines 40 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

__construct($environment, $debug)   X-Ref

param: string $environment The environment
param: bool   $debug       Whether to enable debugging or not

__clone()   X-Ref
No description

boot()   X-Ref

reboot($warmupDir)   X-Ref

terminate(Request $request, Response $response)   X-Ref

shutdown()   X-Ref

handle(Request $request, $type = HttpKernelInterface::MASTER_REQUEST, $catch = true)   X-Ref

getHttpKernel()   X-Ref
Gets a HTTP kernel from the container.

return: HttpKernelInterface

getBundles()   X-Ref

getBundle($name, $first = true)   X-Ref

locateResource($name, $dir = null, $first = true)   X-Ref

getName()   X-Ref

getEnvironment()   X-Ref

isDebug()   X-Ref

getRootDir()   X-Ref

getProjectDir()   X-Ref
Gets the application root dir (path of the project's composer file).

return: string The project root dir

getContainer()   X-Ref

loadClassCache($name = 'classes', $extension = '.php')   X-Ref
Loads the PHP class cache.

This methods only registers the fact that you want to load the cache classes.
The cache will actually only be loaded when the Kernel is booted.

That optimization is mainly useful when using the HttpCache class in which
case the class cache is not loaded if the Response is in the cache.

param: string $name      The cache name prefix
param: string $extension File extension of the resulting file

setClassCache(array $classes)   X-Ref

setAnnotatedClassCache(array $annotatedClasses)   X-Ref

getStartTime()   X-Ref

getCacheDir()   X-Ref

getLogDir()   X-Ref

getCharset()   X-Ref

doLoadClassCache($name, $extension)   X-Ref

initializeBundles()   X-Ref
Initializes the data structures related to the bundle management.

- the bundles property maps a bundle name to the bundle instance,
- the bundleMap property maps a bundle name to the bundle inheritance hierarchy (most derived bundle first).

build(ContainerBuilder $container)   X-Ref
The extension point similar to the Bundle::build() method.

Use this method to register compiler passes and manipulate the container during the building process.

getContainerClass()   X-Ref
Gets the container class.

return: string The container class

getContainerBaseClass()   X-Ref
Gets the container's base class.

All names except Container must be fully qualified.

return: string

initializeContainer()   X-Ref
Initializes the service container.

The cached version of the service container is used when fresh, otherwise the
container is built.

getKernelParameters()   X-Ref
Returns the kernel parameters.

return: array An array of kernel parameters

getEnvParameters()   X-Ref
Gets the environment parameters.

Only the parameters starting with "SYMFONY__" are considered.

return: array An array of parameters

buildContainer()   X-Ref
Builds the service container.

return: ContainerBuilder The compiled service container

prepareContainer(ContainerBuilder $container)   X-Ref
Prepares the ContainerBuilder before it is compiled.

getContainerBuilder()   X-Ref
Gets a new ContainerBuilder instance used to build the service container.

return: ContainerBuilder

dumpContainer(ConfigCache $cache, ContainerBuilder $container, $class, $baseClass)   X-Ref
Dumps the service container to PHP code in the cache.

param: ConfigCache      $cache     The config cache
param: ContainerBuilder $container The service container
param: string           $class     The name of the class to generate
param: string           $baseClass The name of the container's base class

getContainerLoader(ContainerInterface $container)   X-Ref
Returns a loader for the container.

return: DelegatingLoader The loader

stripComments($source)   X-Ref
Removes comments from a PHP source string.

We don't use the PHP php_strip_whitespace() function
as we want the content to be readable and well-formatted.

param: string $source A PHP string
return: string The PHP string with the comments removed

serialize()   X-Ref
No description

unserialize($data)   X-Ref
No description

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