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KernelInterface:: (16 methods):

Interface: KernelInterface  - X-Ref

The Kernel is the heart of the Symfony system.

It manages an environment made of bundles.

registerBundles()   X-Ref
Returns an array of bundles to register.

return: iterable|BundleInterface[] An iterable of bundle instances

registerContainerConfiguration(LoaderInterface $loader)   X-Ref
Loads the container configuration.

boot()   X-Ref
Boots the current kernel.

shutdown()   X-Ref
Shutdowns the kernel.

This method is mainly useful when doing functional testing.

getBundles()   X-Ref
Gets the registered bundle instances.

return: BundleInterface[] An array of registered bundle instances

getBundle($name, $first = true)   X-Ref
Returns a bundle and optionally its descendants by its name.

The second argument is deprecated as of 3.4 and will be removed in 4.0. This method
will always return an instance of BundleInterface in 4.0.

param: string $name  Bundle name
param: bool   $first Whether to return the first bundle only or together with its descendants
return: BundleInterface|BundleInterface[] A BundleInterface instance or an array of BundleInterface instances if $first is false

locateResource($name, $dir = null, $first = true)   X-Ref
Returns the file path for a given resource.

A Resource can be a file or a directory.

The resource name must follow the following pattern:


where BundleName is the name of the bundle
and the remaining part is the relative path in the bundle.

If $dir is passed, and the first segment of the path is "Resources",
this method will look for a file named:


before looking in the bundle resource folder.

param: string $name  A resource name to locate
param: string $dir   A directory where to look for the resource first
param: bool   $first Whether to return the first path or paths for all matching bundles
return: string|array The absolute path of the resource or an array if $first is false

getName()   X-Ref
Gets the name of the kernel.

return: string The kernel name

getEnvironment()   X-Ref
Gets the environment.

return: string The current environment

isDebug()   X-Ref
Checks if debug mode is enabled.

return: bool true if debug mode is enabled, false otherwise

getRootDir()   X-Ref
Gets the application root dir (path of the project's Kernel class).

return: string The Kernel root dir

getContainer()   X-Ref
Gets the current container.

return: ContainerInterface|null A ContainerInterface instance or null when the Kernel is shutdown

getStartTime()   X-Ref
Gets the request start time (not available if debug is disabled).

return: float The request start timestamp

getCacheDir()   X-Ref
Gets the cache directory.

return: string The cache directory

getLogDir()   X-Ref
Gets the log directory.

return: string The log directory

getCharset()   X-Ref
Gets the charset of the application.

return: string The charset

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