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ProfilerStorageInterface:: (4 methods):

Interface: ProfilerStorageInterface  - X-Ref


find($ip, $url, $limit, $method, $start = null, $end = null)   X-Ref
Finds profiler tokens for the given criteria.

param: string   $ip     The IP
param: string   $url    The URL
param: string   $limit  The maximum number of tokens to return
param: string   $method The request method
param: int|null $start  The start date to search from
param: int|null $end    The end date to search to
return: array An array of tokens

read($token)   X-Ref
Reads data associated with the given token.

The method returns false if the token does not exist in the storage.

param: string $token A token
return: Profile|null The profile associated with token

write(Profile $profile)   X-Ref
Saves a Profile.

return: bool Write operation successful

purge()   X-Ref
Purges all data from the database.

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