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UrlMatcher:: (12 methods):

Class: UrlMatcher  - X-Ref

UrlMatcher matches URL based on a set of routes.

__construct(RouteCollection $routes, RequestContext $context)   X-Ref

setContext(RequestContext $context)   X-Ref

getContext()   X-Ref

match($pathinfo)   X-Ref

matchRequest(Request $request)   X-Ref

addExpressionLanguageProvider(ExpressionFunctionProviderInterface $provider)   X-Ref
No description

matchCollection($pathinfo, RouteCollection $routes)   X-Ref
Tries to match a URL with a set of routes.

param: string          $pathinfo The path info to be parsed
param: RouteCollection $routes   The set of routes
return: array An array of parameters

getAttributes(Route $route, $name, array $attributes)   X-Ref
Returns an array of values to use as request attributes.

As this method requires the Route object, it is not available
in matchers that do not have access to the matched Route instance
(like the PHP and Apache matcher dumpers).

param: Route  $route      The route we are matching against
param: string $name       The name of the route
param: array  $attributes An array of attributes from the matcher
return: array An array of parameters

handleRouteRequirements($pathinfo, $name, Route $route)   X-Ref
Handles specific route requirements.

param: string $pathinfo The path
param: string $name     The route name
param: Route  $route    The route
return: array The first element represents the status, the second contains additional information

mergeDefaults($params, $defaults)   X-Ref
Get merged default parameters.

param: array $params   The parameters
param: array $defaults The defaults
return: array Merged default parameters

getExpressionLanguage()   X-Ref
No description

createRequest($pathinfo)   X-Ref

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