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RequestContext:: (23 methods):

Class: RequestContext  - X-Ref

Holds information about the current request.

This class implements a fluent interface.

__construct($baseUrl = '', $method = 'GET', $host = 'localhost', $scheme = 'http', $httpPort = 80, $httpsPort = 443, $path = '/', $queryString = '')   X-Ref

param: string $baseUrl     The base URL
param: string $method      The HTTP method
param: string $host        The HTTP host name
param: string $scheme      The HTTP scheme
param: int    $httpPort    The HTTP port
param: int    $httpsPort   The HTTPS port
param: string $path        The path
param: string $queryString The query string

fromRequest(Request $request)   X-Ref
Updates the RequestContext information based on a HttpFoundation Request.

return: $this

getBaseUrl()   X-Ref
Gets the base URL.

return: string The base URL

setBaseUrl($baseUrl)   X-Ref
Sets the base URL.

param: string $baseUrl The base URL
return: $this

getPathInfo()   X-Ref
Gets the path info.

return: string The path info

setPathInfo($pathInfo)   X-Ref
Sets the path info.

param: string $pathInfo The path info
return: $this

getMethod()   X-Ref
Gets the HTTP method.

The method is always an uppercased string.

return: string The HTTP method

setMethod($method)   X-Ref
Sets the HTTP method.

param: string $method The HTTP method
return: $this

getHost()   X-Ref
Gets the HTTP host.

The host is always lowercased because it must be treated case-insensitive.

return: string The HTTP host

setHost($host)   X-Ref
Sets the HTTP host.

param: string $host The HTTP host
return: $this

getScheme()   X-Ref
Gets the HTTP scheme.

return: string The HTTP scheme

setScheme($scheme)   X-Ref
Sets the HTTP scheme.

param: string $scheme The HTTP scheme
return: $this

getHttpPort()   X-Ref
Gets the HTTP port.

return: int The HTTP port

setHttpPort($httpPort)   X-Ref
Sets the HTTP port.

param: int $httpPort The HTTP port
return: $this

getHttpsPort()   X-Ref
Gets the HTTPS port.

return: int The HTTPS port

setHttpsPort($httpsPort)   X-Ref
Sets the HTTPS port.

param: int $httpsPort The HTTPS port
return: $this

getQueryString()   X-Ref
Gets the query string.

return: string The query string without the "?"

setQueryString($queryString)   X-Ref
Sets the query string.

param: string $queryString The query string (after "?")
return: $this

getParameters()   X-Ref
Returns the parameters.

return: array The parameters

setParameters(array $parameters)   X-Ref
Sets the parameters.

param: array $parameters The parameters
return: $this

getParameter($name)   X-Ref
Gets a parameter value.

param: string $name A parameter name
return: mixed The parameter value or null if nonexistent

hasParameter($name)   X-Ref
Checks if a parameter value is set for the given parameter.

param: string $name A parameter name
return: bool True if the parameter value is set, false otherwise

setParameter($name, $parameter)   X-Ref
Sets a parameter value.

param: string $name      A parameter name
param: mixed  $parameter The parameter value
return: $this

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