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RouteCompiler:: (5 methods):

Class: RouteCompiler  - X-Ref

RouteCompiler compiles Route instances to CompiledRoute instances.

compile(Route $route)   X-Ref

compilePattern(Route $route, $pattern, $isHost)   X-Ref
No description

determineStaticPrefix(Route $route, array $tokens)   X-Ref
Determines the longest static prefix possible for a route.

return: string The leading static part of a route's path

findNextSeparator($pattern, $useUtf8)   X-Ref
Returns the next static character in the Route pattern that will serve as a separator.

param: string $pattern The route pattern
param: bool   $useUtf8 Whether the character is encoded in UTF-8 or not
return: string The next static character that functions as separator (or empty string when none available)

computeRegexp(array $tokens, $index, $firstOptional)   X-Ref
Computes the regexp used to match a specific token. It can be static text or a subpattern.

param: array $tokens        The route tokens
param: int   $index         The index of the current token
param: int   $firstOptional The index of the first optional token
return: string The regexp pattern for a single token

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