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Zend Framework (http://framework.zend.com/)

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2005-2016 Zend Technologies USA Inc. (http://www.zend.com)
License: http://framework.zend.com/license/new-bsd New BSD License
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Defines 1 class

ValueGenerator:: (19 methods):

Class: ValueGenerator  - X-Ref

__construct($value = null,$type = self::TYPE_AUTO,$outputMode = self::OUTPUT_MULTIPLE_LINE,$constants = null)   X-Ref

param: mixed       $value
param: string      $type
param: string      $outputMode
param: null|SplArrayObject|StdlibArrayObject $constants

initEnvironmentConstants()   X-Ref
Init constant list by defined and magic constants

addConstant($constant)   X-Ref
Add constant to list

param: string $constant
return: $this

deleteConstant($constant)   X-Ref
Delete constant from constant list

param: string $constant
return: bool

getConstants()   X-Ref
Return constant list

return: SplArrayObject|StdlibArrayObject

isValidConstantType()   X-Ref

return: bool

setValue($value)   X-Ref

param: mixed $value
return: ValueGenerator

getValue()   X-Ref

return: mixed

setType($type)   X-Ref

param: string $type
return: ValueGenerator

getType()   X-Ref

return: string

setArrayDepth($arrayDepth)   X-Ref

param: int $arrayDepth
return: ValueGenerator

getArrayDepth()   X-Ref

return: int

getValidatedType($type)   X-Ref

param: string $type
return: string

getAutoDeterminedType($value)   X-Ref

param: mixed $value
return: string

generate()   X-Ref

return: string

escape($input, $quote = true)   X-Ref
Quotes value for PHP code.

param: string $input Raw string.
param: bool $quote Whether add surrounding quotes or not.
return: string PHP-ready code.

setOutputMode($outputMode)   X-Ref

param: string $outputMode
return: ValueGenerator

getOutputMode()   X-Ref

return: string

__toString()   X-Ref
No description

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