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Zend Framework (http://framework.zend.com/)

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2005-2015 Zend Technologies USA Inc. (http://www.zend.com)
License: https://github.com/zendframework/zend-eventmanager/blob/master/LICENSE.md
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FilterChain:: (7 methods):

Class: FilterChain  - X-Ref

FilterChain: intercepting filter manager

__construct()   X-Ref

Initializes Filter\FilterIterator in which filters will be aggregated

run($context, array $argv = [])   X-Ref
Apply the filters

Begins iteration of the filters.

param: mixed $context Object under observation
param: mixed $argv Associative array of arguments
return: mixed

attach(callable $callback, $priority = 1)   X-Ref
Connect a filter to the chain

param: callable $callback PHP Callback
param: int $priority Priority in the queue at which to execute;
return: CallbackHandler (to allow later unsubscribe)

detach(callable $filter)   X-Ref
Detach a filter from the chain

param: callable $filter
return: bool Returns true if filter found and unsubscribed; returns false otherwise

getFilters()   X-Ref
Retrieve all filters

return: Filter\FilterIterator

clearFilters()   X-Ref
Clear all filters

return: void

getResponses()   X-Ref
Return current responses

Only available while the chain is still being iterated. Returns the
current ResponseCollection.

return: null|ResponseCollection

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