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RingBridge:: (5 methods):

Class: RingBridge  - X-Ref

Provides the bridge between Guzzle requests and responses and Guzzle Ring.

createRingRequest(RequestInterface $request)   X-Ref
Creates a Ring request from a request object.

This function does not hook up the "then" and "progress" events that
would be required for actually sending a Guzzle request through a
RingPHP handler.

param: RequestInterface $request Request to convert.
return: array Converted Guzzle Ring request.

prepareRingRequest(Transaction $trans)   X-Ref
Creates a Ring request from a request object AND prepares the callbacks.

param: Transaction $trans Transaction to update.
return: array Converted Guzzle Ring request.

completeRingResponse(Transaction $trans,array $response,MessageFactoryInterface $messageFactory)   X-Ref
Handles the process of processing a response received from a ring
handler. The created response is added to the transaction, and the
transaction stat is set appropriately.

param: Transaction             $trans          Owns request and response.
param: array                   $response       Ring response array
param: MessageFactoryInterface $messageFactory Creates response objects.

fromRingRequest(array $request)   X-Ref
Creates a Guzzle request object using a ring request array.

param: array $request Ring request
return: Request

getNoRingResponseException(RequestInterface $request)   X-Ref
Get an exception that can be used when a RingPHP handler does not
populate a response.

param: RequestInterface $request
return: RequestException

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