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FileAnnotationClassLoader.php     [source] [260 lines]   AnnotationClassLoader loads routing information from a PHP class and its methods. You need to define an implementation for the getRouteDefaults() method. Most of the time, this method should define some PHP callable to be called for the route (a controller in MVC speak).
FileAnnotationDirectoryLoader.php [source] [120 lines]   
FileAnnotationFileLoader.php      [source] [137 lines]   
FileClosureLoader.php             [source] [46 lines]    
FileDirectoryLoader.php           [source] [58 lines]    
FileObjectRouteLoader.php         [source] [95 lines]    A route loader that calls a method on an object to load the routes.
FilePhpFileLoader.php             [source] [66 lines]    
FileXmlFileLoader.php             [source] [270 lines]   
FileYamlFileLoader.php            [source] [224 lines]   

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