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FileAggregateException.php    [source] [17 lines]    
FileCancellationException.php [source] [10 lines]    
FileCoroutine.php             [source] [169 lines]   Creates a promise that is resolved using a generator that yields values or promises (somewhat similar to C#'s async keyword). When called, the Coroutine::of method will start an instance of the generator and returns a promise that is fulfilled with its final yielded value.
FileCreate.php                [source] [84 lines]    
FileEach.php                  [source] [90 lines]    
FileEachPromise.php           [source] [255 lines]   
FileFulfilledPromise.php      [source] [84 lines]    
FileIs.php                    [source] [46 lines]    
FilePromise.php               [source] [278 lines]   
FilePromiseInterface.php      [source] [97 lines]    
FilePromisorInterface.php     [source] [16 lines]    
FileRejectedPromise.php       [source] [91 lines]    
FileRejectionException.php    [source] [48 lines]    
FileTaskQueue.php             [source] [67 lines]    
FileTaskQueueInterface.php    [source] [24 lines]    
FileUtils.php                 [source] [276 lines]   
Filefunctions.php             [source] [363 lines]   
Filefunctions_include.php     [source] [6 lines]     

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