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toString(MessageInterface $message)   X-Ref
Returns the string representation of an HTTP message.

param: MessageInterface $message Message to convert to a string.
return: string

bodySummary(MessageInterface $message, $truncateAt = 120)   X-Ref
Get a short summary of the message body.

Will return `null` if the response is not printable.

param: MessageInterface $message    The message to get the body summary
param: int              $truncateAt The maximum allowed size of the summary
return: string|null

rewindBody(MessageInterface $message)   X-Ref
Attempts to rewind a message body and throws an exception on failure.

The body of the message will only be rewound if a call to `tell()`
returns a value other than `0`.

param: MessageInterface $message Message to rewind

parseMessage($message)   X-Ref
Parses an HTTP message into an associative array.

The array contains the "start-line" key containing the start line of
the message, "headers" key containing an associative array of header
array values, and a "body" key containing the body of the message.

param: string $message HTTP request or response to parse.
return: array

parseRequestUri($path, array $headers)   X-Ref
Constructs a URI for an HTTP request message.

param: string $path    Path from the start-line
param: array  $headers Array of headers (each value an array).
return: string

parseRequest($message)   X-Ref
Parses a request message string into a request object.

param: string $message Request message string.
return: Request

parseResponse($message)   X-Ref
Parses a response message string into a response object.

param: string $message Response message string.
return: Response

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