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FileAppendStream.php         [source] [244 lines]   
FileBufferStream.php         [source] [140 lines]   
FileCachingStream.php        [source] [139 lines]   
FileDroppingStream.php       [source] [43 lines]    
FileFnStream.php             [source] [160 lines]   
FileHeader.php               [source] [71 lines]    
FileInflateStream.php        [source] [53 lines]    
FileLazyOpenStream.php       [source] [40 lines]    
FileLimitStream.php          [source] [156 lines]   
FileMessage.php              [source] [252 lines]   
FileMessageTrait.php         [source] [214 lines]   Trait implementing functionality common to requests and responses.
FileMimeType.php             [source] [140 lines]   
FileMultipartStream.php      [source] [154 lines]   
FileNoSeekStream.php         [source] [23 lines]    
FilePumpStream.php           [source] [168 lines]   
FileQuery.php                [source] [108 lines]   
FileRequest.php              [source] [152 lines]   
FileResponse.php             [source] [155 lines]   
FileRfc7230.php              [source] [18 lines]    Header related regular expressions (copied from amphp/http package) (Note: once we require PHP 7.x we could just depend on the upstream package)
FileServerRequest.php        [source] [378 lines]   
FileStream.php               [source] [270 lines]   
FileStreamDecoratorTrait.php [source] [151 lines]   Stream decorator trait
FileStreamWrapper.php        [source] [163 lines]   
FileUploadedFile.php         [source] [325 lines]   
FileUri.php                  [source] [761 lines]   
FileUriNormalizer.php        [source] [217 lines]   Provides methods to normalize and compare URIs.
FileUriResolver.php          [source] [220 lines]   Resolves a URI reference in the context of a base URI and the opposite way.
FileUtils.php                [source] [398 lines]   
Filefunctions.php            [source] [417 lines]   
Filefunctions_include.php    [source] [6 lines]     

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