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parse($str, $urlEncoding = true)   X-Ref
Parse a query string into an associative array.

If multiple values are found for the same key, the value of that key
value pair will become an array. This function does not parse nested
PHP style arrays into an associative array (e.g., `foo[a]=1&foo[b]=2`
will be parsed into `['foo[a]' => '1', 'foo[b]' => '2'])`.

return: array
param: string   $str         Query string to parse
param: int|bool $urlEncoding How the query string is encoded

build(array $params, $encoding = PHP_QUERY_RFC3986)   X-Ref
Build a query string from an array of key value pairs.

This function can use the return value of `parse()` to build a query
string. This function does not modify the provided keys when an array is
encountered (like `http_build_query()` would).

return: string
param: array     $params   Query string parameters.
param: int|false $encoding Set to false to not encode, PHP_QUERY_RFC3986

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