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Resolves a URI reference in the context of a base URI and the opposite way.

Author: Tobias Schultze
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Defines 5 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

removeDotSegments($path)   X-Ref
Removes dot segments from a path and returns the new path.

param: string $path
return: string

resolve(UriInterface $base, UriInterface $rel)   X-Ref
Converts the relative URI into a new URI that is resolved against the base URI.

param: UriInterface $base Base URI
param: UriInterface $rel  Relative URI
return: UriInterface

relativize(UriInterface $base, UriInterface $target)   X-Ref
Returns the target URI as a relative reference from the base URI.

This method is the counterpart to resolve():

(string) $target === (string) UriResolver::resolve($base, UriResolver::relativize($base, $target))

One use-case is to use the current request URI as base URI and then generate relative links in your documents
to reduce the document size or offer self-contained downloadable document archives.

$base = new Uri('http://example.com/a/b/');
echo UriResolver::relativize($base, new Uri('http://example.com/a/b/c'));  // prints 'c'.
echo UriResolver::relativize($base, new Uri('http://example.com/a/x/y'));  // prints '../x/y'.
echo UriResolver::relativize($base, new Uri('http://example.com/a/b/?q')); // prints '?q'.
echo UriResolver::relativize($base, new Uri('http://example.org/a/b/'));   // prints '//example.org/a/b/'.

This method also accepts a target that is already relative and will try to relativize it further. Only a
relative-path reference will be returned as-is.

echo UriResolver::relativize($base, new Uri('/a/b/c'));  // prints 'c' as well

param: UriInterface $base   Base URI
param: UriInterface $target Target URI
return: UriInterface The relative URI reference

getRelativePath(UriInterface $base, UriInterface $target)   X-Ref
No description

__construct()   X-Ref
No description

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