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ServerRequest:: (20 methods):

Class: ServerRequest  - X-Ref

Server-side HTTP request

Extends the Request definition to add methods for accessing incoming data,
specifically server parameters, cookies, matched path parameters, query
string arguments, body parameters, and upload file information.

"Attributes" are discovered via decomposing the request (and usually
specifically the URI path), and typically will be injected by the application.

Requests are considered immutable; all methods that might change state are
implemented such that they retain the internal state of the current
message and return a new instance that contains the changed state.
__construct($method,$uri,array $headers = [],$body = null,$version = '1.1',array $serverParams = [])   X-Ref

param: string                               $method       HTTP method
param: string|UriInterface                  $uri          URI
param: array                                $headers      Request headers
param: string|resource|StreamInterface|null $body         Request body
param: string                               $version      Protocol version
param: array                                $serverParams Typically the $_SERVER superglobal

normalizeFiles(array $files)   X-Ref
Return an UploadedFile instance array.

param: array $files A array which respect $_FILES structure
return: array

createUploadedFileFromSpec(array $value)   X-Ref
Create and return an UploadedFile instance from a $_FILES specification.

If the specification represents an array of values, this method will
delegate to normalizeNestedFileSpec() and return that return value.

param: array $value $_FILES struct
return: array|UploadedFileInterface

normalizeNestedFileSpec(array $files = [])   X-Ref
Normalize an array of file specifications.

Loops through all nested files and returns a normalized array of
UploadedFileInterface instances.

param: array $files
return: UploadedFileInterface[]

fromGlobals()   X-Ref
Return a ServerRequest populated with superglobals:

return: ServerRequestInterface

extractHostAndPortFromAuthority($authority)   X-Ref
No description

getUriFromGlobals()   X-Ref
Get a Uri populated with values from $_SERVER.

return: UriInterface

getServerParams()   X-Ref

getUploadedFiles()   X-Ref

withUploadedFiles(array $uploadedFiles)   X-Ref

getCookieParams()   X-Ref

withCookieParams(array $cookies)   X-Ref

getQueryParams()   X-Ref

withQueryParams(array $query)   X-Ref

getParsedBody()   X-Ref

withParsedBody($data)   X-Ref

getAttributes()   X-Ref

getAttribute($attribute, $default = null)   X-Ref

withAttribute($attribute, $value)   X-Ref

withoutAttribute($attribute)   X-Ref

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