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CallbackGenerator:: (7 methods):

Class: CallbackGenerator  - X-Ref

__construct()   X-Ref

replaceCallbacks(array $config)   X-Ref
Replace all callbacks in given config

return: array         Modified config
param: array $config Original config

buildCallbackArguments(array $params, array $localVars)   X-Ref
Build the list of arguments used in a callback invocation

return: string            JavaScript code
param: array  $params    Callback parameters
param: array  $localVars Known vars from the calling scope

generateFunction(array $config, array $params)   X-Ref
Generate a function from a callback config

return: Code
param: array $config Callback config
param: array $params Param names as keys, param types as values

getHeader(array $params)   X-Ref
Generate a function header for given signature

return: string
param: array  $params Param names as keys, param types as values

mapArray(array $array, array $path, array $params)   X-Ref
Replace callbacks in given config array

return: array            Modified config
param: array    $array  Original config
param: string[] $path   Path to callbacks
param: array    $params Default params

parenthesizeCallback($callback)   X-Ref
Add parentheses to a function literal, if necessary

Will return single vars as-is, and will put anything else between parentheses

return: string           Modified callback
param: string $callback Original callback

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