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RecursiveDirectoryIterator:: (5 methods):

Class: RecursiveDirectoryIterator  - X-Ref

Extends the \RecursiveDirectoryIterator to support relative paths.

__construct($path, $flags, $ignoreUnreadableDirs = false)   X-Ref

param: string $path
param: int    $flags
param: bool   $ignoreUnreadableDirs

current()   X-Ref
Return an instance of SplFileInfo with support for relative paths.

return: SplFileInfo File information

getChildren()   X-Ref

return: \RecursiveIterator

rewind()   X-Ref
Do nothing for non rewindable stream.

isRewindable()   X-Ref
Checks if the stream is rewindable.

return: bool true when the stream is rewindable, false otherwise

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