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FileCustomFilterIterator.php           [source] [61 lines]    
FileDateRangeFilterIterator.php        [source] [58 lines]    
FileDepthRangeFilterIterator.php       [source] [45 lines]    
FileExcludeDirectoryFilterIterator.php [source] [84 lines]    
FileFileTypeFilterIterator.php         [source] [53 lines]    
FileFilecontentFilterIterator.php      [source] [58 lines]    
FileFilenameFilterIterator.php         [source] [47 lines]    
FileFilterIterator.php                 [source] [60 lines]    This iterator just overrides the rewind method in order to correct a PHP bug, which existed before version 5.5.23/5.6.7.
FileMultiplePcreFilterIterator.php     [source] [112 lines]   MultiplePcreFilterIterator filters files using patterns (regexps, globs or strings).
FilePathFilterIterator.php             [source] [56 lines]    
FileRecursiveDirectoryIterator.php     [source] [158 lines]   
FileSizeRangeFilterIterator.php        [source] [57 lines]    
FileSortableIterator.php               [source] [80 lines]    

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