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FileAddAnnotatedClassesToCachePass.php            [source] [153 lines]   
FileAddClassesToCachePass.php                     [source] [25 lines]    
FileConfigurableExtension.php                     [source] [42 lines]    This extension sub-class provides first-class integration with the Config/Definition Component. You can use this as base class if
FileControllerArgumentValueResolverPass.php       [source] [48 lines]    
FileExtension.php                                 [source] [77 lines]    Allow adding classes to the class cache.
FileFragmentRendererPass.php                      [source] [67 lines]    
FileLazyLoadingFragmentHandler.php                [source] [79 lines]    
FileLoggerPass.php                                [source] [41 lines]    
FileMergeExtensionConfigurationPass.php           [source] [41 lines]    
FileRegisterControllerArgumentLocatorsPass.php    [source] [179 lines]   
FileRemoveEmptyControllerArgumentLocatorsPass.php [source] [76 lines]    
FileResettableServicePass.php                     [source] [66 lines]    
FileServicesResetter.php                          [source] [39 lines]    

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